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DGSA Consultancy

Enterprise offer a flexible, cost-effective DGSA consultancy service.

We recognise that business requirements change rapidly and offer a contract with a notice period of just one month. So if you’ve just won a short term contract or have an existing DGSA who is either no longer available to your organisation or is temporarily indisposed, we’re happy to step in and help.

We want our clients to receive value for money, so once we’re satisfied that you have adequate systems in place to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements re classification, packaging, labelling, consignment and carriage of dangerous goods our involvement becomes very ‘light touch’ meaning that we can keep our charges competitive.

We’re there for the statutory ‘day to day’ requirements of providing advice and incident recording (24hrs a day), reporting and investigation. We also prepare the annual audit report as required by the regulations.

A well run small business with zero major incidents might only require ongoing telephone / email support and an annual audit visit, so in some instances the cost of engaging a consultant might even be cheaper than the cost of training your own staff member.

To book your course please visit our online booking website – Enterprise Transport Training.

For further information about the online courses we offer click here